Negative space can give balance.

Project 52 – Negative Space

You may remember the photo above from my very first blog post on the Pet Photography Project 52. It’s Knox sitting on a white vinyl background. I’m showing it again because it’s a great example of Negative Space. What is Negative Space? Quite simply, negative space is the space around an object. If you want

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They say when you feel blue, snuggling with a pet can help. What’s that? You can’t snuggle with a pet? Then you can look at these cute pet photos!

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Oak Grove Senior Cade

This senior portrait session was one of the most fun that I’ve had. He had a great sense of humor! Introducing Cade, a recent graduate of Oak Grove High School.

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Filling the frame with Chloe lying on top of a chair back.

Project 52: Black & White

While some people may think black & white photography is simpler than color photography, it’s actually more difficult and relies more on your skills as a photographer | Tim Evans Photography | Hattiesburg, MS

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Project 52: Cityscape

While Hattiesburg is a city, it is still a small city with not much of a “cityscape.” With the help of some “city dogs,” I was able to take some cityscape photos.

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Project 52: Humor

I have a good sense of humor. So why was it so hard to think of a humorous photo? I guess it’s like trying not to think of pink elephants. You can’t do it.

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Project 52: Headshots

When you hear “headshot,” you tend to think of models, or at the very least, some type of publicity photo. This is the story of a dog who wanted a headshot.

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A streetlamp casts a long shadow down an alley in the French Quarter.

Project 52: Leading Lines

Leading lines are a composition technique where a straight or curved line leads to the subject of the photo. Learn more about leading lines in this week’s Project 52 blog post.

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Project 52: Revisit & Re-Edit

This week was sort of a break from the Project 52 (even though I had a break from the past two weeks of travel). The theme was “Revisit and Re-Edit.” We could have another go at any previous theme or just re-edit a prior photo with a different style. I chose the latter and tried to create a look I like.

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A small mixed-breed dog in a pointer pose

Project 52: Wide Angle

“Wide Angle.” To a photographer, those words make them think of a wide angle lens. In this post, I share some photos taken with a wide angle lens and describe some of the difficulties using a wide angle lens to photograph pets and people.

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Project 52: Silhouette

Silhouettes, for whatever reason, have fascinated me ever since I learned the term. Unfortunately, it can be hard to take a silhouette with natural light around here in the Pine Belt, given all the trees. So I had to resort to artificial means to get a silhouette.

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