Ideas For The Perfect Wedding Photographs

Your wedding represents one of the most significant moments in your life, so it’s totally granted that you will capture the day with hundreds and sometimes thousands of photos. 


While many of the picture-perfect moments will occur during the ceremony or at the reception, most couples will also travel and schedule an exclusive wedding photo session at a special location before the Big Day.


Finding the right location for these photographs is critical. Whether you have a place in mind that means something to both of you personally, or you simply want a beautiful backdrop for your wedding portraits, these ideas will help you get started as you prepare your DIY wedding album.


You need for these pics to be as on point as they should be so that telling your love story will be so much easier. As a matter of fact, you might end up inspiring others with your pictures; do not dare take them for granted. Given this huge responsibility, it goes without saying that these pictures have to be perfect.


Below are unique and perfect wedding photoshoot locations you can visit!


Lakefront Cabin Wedding | Wedding ceremony decorations, Cabin ...

Water makes for a beautiful natural backdrop, particularly for wedding photos. Brides who are incorporating a rustic or natural theme into their wedding day will find this to be an ideal location. 


Remember to keep in mind the placement of shadows when photographing in these areas, and try to use morning or evening sunlight to capture the best lighting. Whilst you are enjoying the location, make sure to also be mindful of how your photographer handles the reflections off the water’s surface in high summer. 


A perfect example is Venice where it is deemed one of the most romantic cities in the world. It does live up to its reputation and many love it for this very fact. Its iconic canals and bridges are well spread out around all the corners of the city making it quite scenic. It is the perfect blend of ancient and modern.




If you are planning a sleek and modern wedding, then photographs in the heart of the city or a unique place like party clubs would be a wonderful option. You can also explore these clubs for your bridal shower or hen’s night. That’s where we can help! Check the amazing Vogue blog on hens party ideas!

Post-Wedding Downtown Photoshoot: Ava & Amin - Toronto | Raph ...

The scope in the city architecture in advance and try to find a street or building that reflects the atmosphere of your wedding. If you are planning a wedding with traditional elements, consider posing in front of the gothic architecture that can be found in old cathedrals. If your wedding will have contemporary details, then opt for chic photographs in front of reflective skyscrapers and sleek city skylines.




You can also opt to try garden set up photoshoots. It will bring your inner sweetness at its peak! A location such as Covent Garden will be perfect for this. Situated in the West End of the city, Covent Garden attracts most Londoners as well as tourists throughout the year!

It’s always got some quirky theme decoration depending on what time of the year you go! It’s a great little spot for engagement shoots as it’s surrounding area is filled with trendy shops, restaurants, quirky pubs and coffee spots.

A Garden Wedding At The Greenery Bulacan - Merry to Marry

The landscape is perfectly green and the lakes here are turquoise accentuating the beauty of the garden. In London, literally everywhere is an amazing photo spot.

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