The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography


There are many aspiring photographers in the world! Day by day, numbers are fluctuating about how many people are starting to love Photography


Individuals who make up today’s prospering photographic community are our eyes to the world. Whether established journalists and artists or passionate emerging voices, they notify us, they motivate us, they impress us, they put our world in the more comprehensive context of history.


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Finding Passion In Photography


I feel the very first step in finding your enthusiasm for photography is to remember your past. Clearly remember when you initially picked up an electronic camera. What cam did you use? 


Don’t miss the context. 


It is not about how expensive your camera is, nor how new it was. It’s about what you feel in your heart. It’s about the fire that burns in your soul whenever you do something that involves the use of a camera. 



In finding your passion, you need not follow any steps. It’s a linear process where you have to strive to look for what you really love, making sure that at the end of the day– it will be your love for the photography.


Passion-Driven Skills in Photography


Why is it essential to discover your enthusiasm for photography? Well, it lets you control your time. If you have a day job please don’t enter photography for the money. The desire for money will lead you into taking shitty gigs just because they feature a paycheck.


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