Importance of Grooming For Male Strippers

For the most profitable interactions between male stripper and client, we will focal point on the following subjects associated with grooming and non-public hygiene: hair care, nail care, physique cleanliness, clean breath, pores and skin care and fragrance.

When interacting with a patron a male stripper will regularly locate himself up shut and personal. Whether a client is certainly setting a tip in the male stripper’s waistband, or a lap dance is being enjoyed, the two will be in shut proximity.

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Hair Care For The Male Stripper

Get a hair reduction as regularly as you want it. I maintain my hair short. I’ve observed that for me it is nice to have a hair reduction every three weeks. If you maintain your hair very short, you may additionally have to reduce your hair extra often. If you maintain your hair long, you might also be in a position to go a little longer earlier than trimming it. A haircut is a section of your commercial enterprise wardrobe. Even if you put on a non-conventional hairstyle, hold it and maintain it searching tight.

Your hair must solely be washed 2-3 instances per week with shampoo. On the different days rinse it absolutely with water. If you favour a heady scent in your hair on non-shampoo days, use a conditioner.

Face, Nose, Ear, Chest, Back Shaving

Some dancers seem nice when easy shaven. Others seem tremendous with a little scruff on their face. While others can pull off the seem with a beard or facial hair variation.


  • Nose And Ear Hair

Check your nostril and ear hair often. There is grooming equipment offered at many retail shops or online that will assist with hair removal. You do no longer choose hair extending out from your nostril or ears. Check the tops of your ears as well. We have a small nostril and ear hair trimmer at our residence for this purpose. It makes use of a battery. You can see it in the pic with the nail clippers.

  • Chest Hair

Chest hair relies upon the target market you are attempting to reach. There are some audiences that like dancers with chest hair. There are some audiences that like dancers with no chest hair. There are extra job possibilities for those who shave their chest smooth. But this is definitely up to you.

  • Back Hair

Get rid of lower back hair. This can also be desired for a very small fringe team that likes furry backs on male strippers. But most audiences would as an alternative see a return besides hair.

Nail Care For The Male Stripper

  • Finger Nail Care

For your fingernails, hold them clipped as frequently as possible. Watch for dirt, filth and lifeless pores and skin cells that accumulate underneath the fingernails and take away it.

  • Toe Nail Care

For the toenails, clip them as soon as per week. I do now not advocate that you dance barefoot however there are some conditions the place this would possibly be acceptable. If so, hold your toenails clipped greater often.

  • Body Care For The Male Stripper

Take a bathe each day the usage of the best cleaning soap or physique wash. Clean your physique thoroughly. There is a full array of physique wash merchandise handy at Walmart and different comparable stores.

Dental Care And Fresh Breath

Taking care of your enamel so they final for the relaxation of your lifestyles is the predominant aim with dental hygiene. At the equal time, as a male stripper interacting with customers, you prefer to make certain your breath is clean and that you maintain your smile vivid and white. Develop a day by day events the use of a toothbrush with toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash.

  • Toothbrush

Brush your tooth in small round motions making certain you pass over the teeth, gum line and region the place they connect. The bristles want to come in contact with every single tooth, the front and back.

  • Dental Floss

Slide the floss in between the enamel down to the gum line, then pull it returned up sliding in opposition to the floor of the teeth to cast off any meals particles that may additionally be lodged there. Repeat this procedure on every tooth.

  • Mouth Rinse

When you brush your enamel and floss your teeth, you dislodge the Some audiences likeSome audiences like food, particles and plaque. You want a mouth rinse for the ultimate step of the cleaning technique to assist in addition dispose of these objects from your mouth. There is fine title manufacturer merchandise such as Scope or Listerine on hand at drug shops and cut-price stores. There is nice frequent merchandise on hand as well.

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