Ten Random Facts About Tim


Tim Evans enjoying coffee
Thanks to Grant and Jenn for taking my photo



1. I’ve been at the controls of a ballistic missile submarine during an emergency surface.

980604-N-7726D-002 Pacific Ocean, (Jun 4, 1998) The attack submarine USS Columbus (SSN 762) home ported at Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, conducts an emergency surface training exercise, 35 miles off the coast of Oahu, HI. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class David C. Duncan (RELEASED)
(U.S. Navy Photo)

It’s not as exciting as it sounds. It was during a Navy ROTC training cruise, and it was part of a drill.

2. I’m as comfortable in the kitchen as I am behind a camera.

I love to cook, especially Italian food.

3. I almost became a veterinarian.

That story is way too long to get into here.  Just ask me about it, and I’ll be happy to share.

Cinderella's Castle, at Disney's Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Florida, photo by Tim Evans
A photo from my most recent trip to Disney World


4. I love Disney movies (and Disney theme parks).

One of the best things about being a parent is having an excuse to go see Disney movies!

5. You remember in high school, how there was that one teacher who would fall for everything, but there was that one annoying kid who told the truth to the teacher?

Yeah, I was that kid.

6. The only purpose for cake is to support the frosting.

Though I can’t find a clip, I’ve heard Alton Brown say it, so, therefore, I’m right.

7. I’m the only person I know who was kicked off a little league baseball team for lack of skill.

I admit that I wasn’t good, but, up until that point, I sure loved baseball.

8. I’m terrified of frogs and toads.

They are just so gross! I’m good, though, if I’m outside of their jumping range.

9. I once had a porcelain penguin I kept in the freezer.

Penguins like the cold, right? So it makes sense.

10. Before I was a photographer, I taught high school.

My first day, I had a student start hallucinating because of drugs he took. I instantly knew that year would be the only year I taught.


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Working With Me

Personally, and I hope you see this in this site’s content, I consider myself a pretty funny guy. I’ve always thought life is too short to take it seriously.

That allows me to put my clients at ease right off the bat, and get photos that bring out not only who they truly are. It’s hard to take a good photo if you’re nervous, and I like to think that working with me is like having a good friend photograph you. You can relax and know you are in safe hands, allowing you to look your best.

As far as the entire process (for portrait clients), here’s what you can expect:


About one week before your session, we will meet each other and get to know each other a little better. I will help you pick out the products that best fit your style and make some suggestions such as where to hold the session and what to wear.


On the day of your session, we’ll have a relaxed fun time. I’ll even make your husband smile!


About two weeks after your photo session, we will meet, and I’ll help you pick out which photos are best for your custom wall art, albums, or other products.


Four to six weeks after that meeting, I’ll hand deliver your products, and I’ll even hang them on your wall for you!

What My Clients Say

The O'Neals

We had a great experience. Very professional and excellent quality work.


Tim was great to work with, very professional and definitely knows his stuff. We were very pleased with our pictures.

The Biedenharns

Tim does an amazing job, call him for any portraits that need to be done.

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