Best Sports Photos of 2018

This post is part of my Best of 2018 series.

The crack of the bat. The crash of helmet against pads. The swish of the net. The “whap!” of a ball hitting a mitt.

Sports are full of such great sensations for our senses. I admit I don’t take a lot of sports photographs, but here are two of my favorite from 2018. I guess it’s because of my love of baseball that the photos are from softball and baseball, respectively.

Columbia Lady Wildcats

pitcher throws to catcher 1024x683 - Best Sports Photos of 2018


I have to admit I’m not sure what it is about this photo that I like so much, other than the color. Perhaps because my high school’s colors were blue and yellow, I’m very partial to that combination. I also love catching the action of the ball in mid-flight.

The catcher, in my opinion, is the bravest person on a baseball or softball team. You have to crouch there while a ball is thrown directly at you at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour. On top of that, you have a huge piece of aluminum (I’m a purist at heart and it’s taking everything I have to not go on a rant about the evils of aluminum bats) swinging just inches away from your head. You have to be either brave or crazy to play at that position.

Little League Opening Day

The other photo that made my “best of” list is from the opening ceremonies of the Little League season.


A young baseball player has apparently been overstimulated and is not excited about opening day.


This young player seemed to have had enough before coming onto the field during the ceremonies. It’s just a good example of how much of what we adults think is for the children involved in these sports is really for us. 

But, really, how could you not love this photo? It’s just so cute to see this one upset child who is leading the rest of the kids, who are apparently happy and having a good time.