Best Travel Photos of 2018

This post is part of my Best of 2018 series.

These photos are probably my actual favorites of all the photos I made this year, because they are the most personal to me.

Travel photography is all about capturing the atmosphere of the place you visit. While we tend to associate travel photography with exotic locales, you can capture the atmosphere of places that aren’t that exotic as well.

The Disney Atmosphere

As you know from reading my About page, I am a huge fan of the Disney theme parks. In March 2018, I was able to take a trip to Walt Disney World courtesy of my daughter’s show choir, which attended a competition there.

My wife chaperoned the show choir during their competition, and I had most of each day to myself. Since I wouldn’t have much time to spend with my family and make memories with them, I decided to make this trip a photography trip for me, and concentrate on getting the photos I have always wanted to make while in the Disney parks. My goal was to take the kind of photos you would see in promotional material or a souvenir book.

Without caring about how many attractions I saw or being on someone else’s schedule, I could take my time, enjoy all the details, and make sure I found the perfect angle for the photos I wanted.

Oh the Colors!


The Epcot monorail loop is reflected in calm water as bright flowers along the shore add color
Look at those tremendous, beautiful colors!

The Disney parks are probably some of the best places on earth for my photo style. I love bright bold colors, and as you can see in the photo above, such colors are easy to find.

Epcot, where the photos immediately above and below were taken, was decorated for the Flower & Garden Festival. This meant that there would be even more bright colors for me!



The Imagination Pavillion in Epcot is flanked by beautiful vibrant color during the Flower & Garden Festival
a view from a slightly different angle

Travel Photography Captures What the Destination Means to You

To most people, the Magic Kingdom truly represents Disney, and I had a day there as well.

Of all the parks, this one felt the most different by not running from attraction to attraction. Slowing down let me capture the details such as these balloon on Main Street USA:

disney balloons 1024x683 - Best Travel Photos of 2018


I remember as a child wanting a balloon so bad and my father thinking it was a waste of money. It’s weird how you come to share your parents’ opinion when you are paying for the balloon!

And of course, no trip would be complete without a photo of Cinderella’s Castle:


cinderella s castle canal 1024x683 - Best Travel Photos of 2018

Hollywood Studios was great because it was like stepping back in time. I love art deco, and that park is full of art deco architecture and “Americana,” such as a Route 66 sign:


A highway sign for Route 66 and a building with art deco architecture as would be found in the Hollywood of the 1930's and 1940's.
While I know Disney will weather object to give them a sense of age, I have to wonder if the paint on the highway sign was weathered intentionally or if the millions of visitors are responsible.


Finding those Natural Shots

Fortunately for me, Disney makes it easy if you want those quintessential perspectives for your photos. If you look at a layout of the parks, you’ll notice they have an attraction that pulls you toward to end of the various sections of the parks. In Disney parlance, this is a “weenie.” In the case of the Sunset Boulevard area of the Studios, the weenie is the Tower of Terror. The palm trees that line Sunset Boulevard form perfect leading lines pointing to the Tower, and, from this perspective, they help frame the shot.


hollywood boulevard tower terror 1024x683 - Best Travel Photos of 2018


Let me know in the comments what are some of your favorite destinations to photograph?