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What Do You Picture When You Think of the Color BLUE?

Turns out, it can mean almost anything.

We say we’re blue when we are feeling sad. Mississippi is the “home of the blues,” a musical form meant for lamentation.

Yet, blue is also said to be calming and to help clear thought.

Blue makes us think of something cold and frigid. Yet, a blue flame is hotter than a red or yellow flame.

Blue is associated with cleanliness and purity. Just think about the amount of blue you see on packaging of soap, detergent, bleach, etc. However, blue is supposed to curb your appetite (I guess Kraft didn’t know that when designing their mac and cheese packaging).

In advertising, blue is used to indicate stability, trustworthiness, and dependability. But we say someone lies until they’re blue in the face.

Because of my son’s favorite show when he was little, blue (along with magenta) will always make me think of dogs.

Blue dogs

I don’t know any dogs that are blue, but my groomers at Affinity Retreat (the same ones that helped Charlie) were kind enough to loan me a wall of theirs that is colored blue. And I had promised my friend Elizabeth that I would take some photos of her dogs, so here’s her pack.

(While these were all taken on the same wall, I applied some effects in post-production so the wall wouldn’t get so monotonous on all these photos).


Gabby, the

Gabby is the dog Elizabeth has had the longest out of the group. Your guess is as good as mine as to what breeds went into Gabby. One thing is sure, she sure is a sweetie.


Next comes Rudder, the black lab. He was a stray, if I recall correctly, who got his name because his tail steered him just like a rudder to a loving home.


What a cute face!
Buddy gives a look that makes you think he’s up to no good.

How can you not love the looks on Buddy’s face? He just looks like he’s waiting to get into some trouble! You can’t tell from this headshot, but Buddy definitely has some basset hound in his heritage—he’s built just like one. There’s something about dogs built like bassets that make me smile.

Sissy & Sassy

Sissy (left) and Sassy (right) are the newest members of Elizabeth’s pack. She found these two girls when they were around six or seven weeks old, and she’s had them for about two months now. Of all the dogs, Sissy was the ham, always sitting pretty ready for a close up.

I hope you’re not too blue to go to the next member of the blog circle, Nancy Keiifer, serving Central New York, the Adirondacks and Beyond.

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk about making a portrait of your pet!

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9 thoughts on “Blue”

  1. I find that all dogs look wonderful on this color blue. And this teal blue and red are two of my favorite decor go to’s. Great photos!

  2. Oh these are such good pics of my nieces and nephews!! Elizabeth these portraits need to be hung inside. These pups are so lucky to have such awesome parents! ????????

  3. Wow! Elizabeth is a lucky and generous lady! What a gorgeous pack! Lovely photos too Tim. They all capture something different in their personalities. But that look on Buddy’s face is priceless!

    1. I wish I could get credit for that one, Linda. We had all five dogs running around in a very small area (which is why these are all cropped headshots), and it just happened to be lucky timing.

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