Project 52: By a Nose

schnoodle nose
One of the last photos I took of Mazy was her nose.

I’ve already stated my love for photos of dog noses, so I loved seeing this week’s theme was “By a Nose.” There’s just something about a dog’s nose. You know how some people go ga-ga over a baby’s pudgy little feet? I’m the same way about dog noses, only they stay cuter as the dog grows, unlike a human’s feet. LOL

Here are some interesting facts about dog noses

Dog Smell in Stereo. Each nostril on a dog’s nose is capable of operating independently. This allows a dog to detect from which direction a scent comes.

Dogs Don’t Exhale Through the Nostril. At least, not the round part of the nostril. I’ve often wondered why dogs have those slits on the side of their noses. That’s where they exhale. This creates some turbulance that serves to pre-warm and humidify the air they are about to inhale. This, in turn, helps “amplify” scents.

Dogs Devote More Brainpower to Their Nose. Ok, this isn’t so much about the nose as it is about the dog’s brain, but the part of their brains devoted to smell is 40 times as large as the equivalent area in the human brain.

You Know a Dog’s Sense of Smell is Better than a Human’s. But did you know how much better? I’ve seen it said that a dog can detect one teaspoon of urine in an Olympic-size swimming pool. This leads me to three questions:

  1. Why do these comparisons always involve urine in swimming pools?
  2. Is it dog urine or human urine?
  3. Who peed in the pool?

Nose Prints Can Identify a Dog. Your dog’s nose is as physically unique as a human’s fingerprints, and can be used for identification.

A Dog Can Sense Time with Their Nose. As the sun comes up and climbs higher in the sky, sunlight hits more objects, and the temperature in those objects start to climb. This causes the scent released by those objects to change in intensity through the day. After a dog has been in an area for a sufficient amount of time, they can “tell time” by how it smells.  Perhaps this is why your dog is always waiting at the door for you to come home from work—it smells like time for you to come home.

Now For the Photos

I decided to feature the nose of each of my dogs.

Darlene’s Up Next

Time to follow your nose up to New England and visit Darlene with Pant the Town Pet Photography serving MA and NH.


10 thoughts on “Project 52: By a Nose”

  1. I laughed at your comment about feet! I learned something new too – I didn’t know the first two points you made.

  2. You found some facts I did not. I learned something about dog noses I didn’t know this week. Cute photos!

  3. Amazing nose pics. Obviously you like them just as much as I do. 🙂 I love the character of the bottom left image. The hair on the nose looks like it has it’s own "bangs".

  4. Love your work Tim! Had a ‘wee’ chuckle at your pool analogy????. My example was smelling sugar, but I bet urine smells more!!…lol.

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