Back to School Photos . . . And a Blooper!

My daughter, Sara, all ready to head back to school.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Remember that Staples back-to-school commercial with that song? I always thought that was hilarious. But I digress . . .

Ah, back to school! Like many people in the Hattiesburg area, or at least those whose children go to the Lamar County School District, it's time to head back to school. Being a father, it is one of my most cherished duties to embarrass my children. Having a blog makes embarrassing them that much easier!

Back to School Photos

Like many families, we take back to school photos every year. Most people have a ritual on the first day of school where they take their child's picture in the same spot, year after year. Well, nothing is that easy when you're a photographer.

No, you have to drag out the lighting gear and get things just right for the back to school photos. And you can't be rushed, so the back to school photos have to be taken before the first day of school.

Sara, as you would have found her most days of the summer, except she would normally have been asleep at this time of day.

My little girl is starting sixth grade—middle school. Halfway finished! How can I be old enough to have a daughter going to middle school? (What am I talking about? I have a son starting his sophomore year of college next week!) She's excited she gets a school ID. She had to get a Vera Bradley ID holder (seen here).

We had plans to go to downtown Hattiesburg and take some photos there. However, rain—and life—got in the way, so we just stayed around the house to make the photos. After we finished inside, we headed outdoors.

Nice Dutch Angle!

Change of Scenery

As I mentioned, it had been raining, which, of course, you know if you had been in Hattiesburg yesterday. Many of the poses I had in mind involved sitting on the ground. That was going to be a problem because the ground was wet.

So, we started off in a standing pose. Wait! Wait! I'm getting ahead of myself. I wanted to start with a standing pose, but when you bring a camera and lens from an air conditioned house straight into the humid South Mississippi air, the lens fogs up. And then you have to wait five minutes or so for the lens to warm up and the fog to go away. To get the full effect, you need to wait five minutes. . . .

Oh! You're back! Good. Where was I? Oh, yeah ...

So after my lens warmed up and defogged, I was then able to take some photographs outdoors.

I won't bore you with any more of the details, but I will post some more photos because: (1) I love sharing photos of my children, and (2) it may embarrass my daughter (remember that cherished duty?).



As a photographer, you should never pass up a genuine smile, especially one caused by a belly laugh!


Our dog, Chloe, wanted in a photo.

And now for that blooper . . .

 Chloe has a tendency to try to stick her tongue up your nose. This is what happens when she does that to Sara.

Chloe has a tendency to try to stick her tongue up your nose. This is what happens when she does that to Sara.


But seriously . . .

Ok, kidding aside, folks, let's remember that school buses are back on the roads. Be careful. Keep an eye out for the little ones, and remember to leave a little early if your commute involves going through a school zone. And my wife reminds you, DON'T PASS A STOPPED SCHOOL BUS!!