Project 52: Revisit & Re-Edit

Boy, it's good to be back! After two weeks gone because of traveling, I'm back with the Project 52 blog posts.

Revisit & Re-edit

This week's theme is reduce, resuse, and rec . . er, excuse me, it's Revisit & Re-Edit. All those re's. It's confusing.

Anyway, we were to use a prior theme again, or re-edit a photo using a different style.

I guess I cheated a bit. I went back to some photos from before this year, and this Project, started. 

My first Try

On Christmas Eve, my wife and I went out with Knox to get some photos of him.

Some of these photos I took for the purpose of compositing. The two photos I re-visited are pictured here (straight from camera with no adjustments):

As you can see, the perspective is a little off between the photos, but it's close enough for a composite, considering, that when finished,  the only thing that should be visible from the left-hand photo is Knox.

After bending some pixels to my will in Photoshop, I wound up with this (from now on, I'll call this my original):


The finished photo of Knox composited with the background from a separate photo. I added some tint, contrast, and light haze.


Time to revisit and re-edit

I love the photos you see with autumn colors and real bright highlights. I was pretty happy with the sun and light effect I had in the upper right-hand corner in the original edit What I wasn't happy with was with the lack of bokeh in the background. I couldn't really do much about that. This was shot at f/8.0, not the best for bokeh. I could at least add some blur. And I wanted more of a vignette.

What I came up with:


With this edit, the sun looks like its closer to directly behind Knox than the original. So, I tried to warm up the highlights in his fur so it would look like they are being lit by the setting sun I blurred the background using a gradient blur and a graduated filter mas so the blur would be more gradual instead of just "flat." Finally, I added a vignette.

A confession . . .

I sat down to re-edit the photo, and I discovered for some reason, I had deleted the real original. I probably could have chosen another photo, but I had my heart set on this one. So I had to re-create my original. Then, I had to re-edit my re-edit. So, I'm not sure if I revisited, re-edited, edited, visited, or what!

I just don't know . . .

I'm really not sure which one I like better—the original or the re-edit. There are aspects of both I like, but I kind of think I like the original better. The colors appeals more to my own personal taste.

Which so do you like the "original" or the re-edit? Let me know in the comments. (And I'll take any other constructive criticism you have as well.)



Ok, folks, you know the drill by now. This is a blog circle, so pay your respects to all the other participating photographers, and take a look at their creations (or re-creations) for this week.

Next up, all the way from the UK is Sam Adele, The Hoof and Hound Photographer covering the Lancaster UK area.