Project 52: Get Close

Folks, I'm going to be honest. I've been battling a stomach bug, and I don't feel like writing a blog post. But I made a commitment, and I'll honor it, even if what I write is so short it shouldn't really be called a blog post.

This week, the photographers participating in this project were tasked with "getting close." To take close up or macro photos. I'm at somewhat of a disadvantage. I don't have a macro lens, and the lenses I have don't focus at ranges closer than about 18 inches. So, the photos weren't really that close. They were more zoomed than anything else.

I've always loved detail shots of dogs' noses, though, so you'll notice noses play a predominant theme in these photos.


Sorry I don't feel like doing more, but this bug has gotten the better of me.

Hopefully, Susanah, who's up next, felt better than I did this week. So head on over to Susanah Maynard of Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati, San Francisco, and Beyond.