Project 52: Silhouette

I Love Silhouettes!

I was so excited when I saw the theme for this week! I love silhouettes!

It's a neat coincidence that the subject of silhouettes came up.  We are headed to Disney World with my daughter's show choir in a few weeks, and it is a tradition that we get a hand-cut paper silhouette cut while there.


Pine Belt Problems

For this week, I would have loved to make a sunset silhouette like many others you will likely see in the blog circle. You know, where the photo was taken at or near sunset and you only see the subject in silhouette. Those are so pretty!

But when you live in an area called the Pine Belt, you are constantly surrounded by trees. I don't know of anywhere other than the middle of a highway where I could see the western horizon. Hattiesburg simply isn't a good place to watch a sunset.

Plan B

So I then had to go to my backup plan.

A few years ago, I made a family portrait:


Yes, we probably should have faced to the left, but this was how the "instructions" for this method showed the photo, so that's how I did it.


This was my inspiration for this week's photo. I wanted to do something similar, but make it more like one of those paper silhouettes.

I placed each of my dogs in front of the light source to make sure they were in silhouette, and took their photos.

Then, I combined them into one image in photoshop.



To provide some separation between each dog's silhouette so you could see one from another, I duplicated each silhouette and inverted the colors (so it would be white). I then "nudged" the inverted silhouettes a little to the left of the actual silhouette. This provided the white lines between the silhouettes


Ok, I've been doing this all year. You know the drill.

Next in the blog circle, we have Nancey Kieffer Photography serving Central New York, the Adirondacks and beyond. Maybe she was able to get one of those sunset silhouettes that I couldn't.