Kourtney – Columbia High School Senior

Columbia High School Senior Kourtney

Earlier this spring, I had the chance to take senior portraits for Kourtney.

Kourtney’s a senior at Columbia High School. After graduation, she plans to attend Pearl River Community College, and later transfer to Ole Miss. Her ultimate goal is to attend medical school.

If you know Columbia, you know that on the first Saturday of the month they have sort of antique car show down Main Street. Well, I didn’t think about this when I scheduled Kourtney’s senior portrait session, and  you guessed it, I scheduled it for the first Saturday of the month. So, while she was posing and I was setting up lighting, we were also having to dodge some cars.

We found this old warehouse that I used for the background in several of the photos. I really thought it complemented her outfit, kind of giving it a “country girl” vibe.

Kourtney describes herself as loving, funny, and caring. You can really see the fun-loving side of her in her smile.

Congratulations, Kourtney, on your Graduation from Columbia High School!

Kourtney sitting on a bench

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