O’Neal Family Portraits

As we are finally getting some fall temperatures, I thought I’d look back to a few portrait sessions from the spring. One of the most fun sessions I had was with the O’Neal family, and the reason for it being so fun was this guy right here, W. (When it comes to young children, you can’t be too careful, so I’m just going to refer to him as W).


mischievious grin - O'Neal Family Portraits


Family portrait on a beautiful spring day


Oh yeah, the “other two” people in the family are dad, Martin, and mom, Sara.

I really have to complement this family on their wardrobe. It was perfectly coordinated, and it was such great springtime colors!

The Gift of Love

This was one of those great family portrait sessions where if you let the child just be themselves, you’ll get some great (and really sweet photos). Here’s my favorite from the entire session:

an unplanned embrace
Such a sweet moment!

While photographing Martin and Sara, I was keeping W busy by letting him be my helper. I gave him a piece of equipment (that I knew he couldn’t hurt) to help, and I made a big deal over it when he did what he was supposed to with it. Anyway, I wanted a photo of Martin and Sara hugging. W saw it and came in on the hug as well! You just can’t plan this kind of sweetness!

This is why I say—as cheesy as it sounds— photography is the gift of love. It lets you remember such loving moments as this. This hug will be with Martin and Sara forever, long after W has grown up and left the nest.

Spontaneity is Key

In any photo session involving children, you need to have a plan. But you have to keep your eye out for those unplanned moments that you just have to photograph.

I had just taken this photo and started posing Martin and Sara for another one.

The O'Neal family

I looked over, and saw this:

boy smelling a flower

Because I had to be quick, the focus is a little off. But I think the softness adds to the photo in this case. What Bob Ross called a “happy little accident.”

I knew the photo wasn’t technically perfect, so I wanted to try again. I asked W to smell the flower again and got this next photo.

child with pink flower

Here are a few more from this session that was filled with love.


Wall Art

And finally, here are some framed prints hanging on the wall.

framed wall art
No photo is finished until it is printed


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