Print Wraps: A Product Review


Print wraps are one of my favorite ways to display your photographs on your walls.

I’ve already announced my move away from providing solely digital files to my clients. I think these products are a great example of how good this move is to clients.

What’s a Print Wrap?

Let me describe it in terms most people can relate to. Many people have seen a photo printed on a canvas. The photo labs usually wrap and mount the canvas around a wooden frame so it is ready to display on your walls.  A print wrap is the same thing, but instead of canvas, the lab prints on photo paper and wraps that around the frame.

Two points of clarification here. “Lustre” is an industry term for a type of paper that is not glossy, but it’s not totally flat, either. Think of semi-gloss house paint, and you get the idea. Second, the “block” of wood is not a solid block. That would be too heavy to display on many walls.


A print wrap hanging on a wall over a piano
A print wrap hanging on a wall


I knew the print wraps were quality products, but the excellent workmanship exceeded my expectations.  It is definitely a sturdy product that makes you think “quality.”

I should also let you know that saying the print is wrapped around a piece of wood is a little misleading. To me, when I think of “wrap,” I think of folded corners, much like when you wrap a present. But the corners of the print fit flush against the wooden frame. They are snug as a bug in a rug, and you can’t detect any looseness at all in the corners.


corner fold of a print wrap
The corners of the print wrap are firmly folded around the corners.


The frame is solid and robust. I would love to tell you what kind of wood was used for the frame, but I’m not one of those people who can recognize wood from a cut piece of lumber.

The frame of a print wrap
The frame of a print wrap

Displaying a Print Wrap

Displaying these products on your wall couldn’t be easier!

All you do is nail or screw a wooden cleat to your wall. Then, you simply put the top bar of the frame over the cleat. Easy peasy!


The wooden cleat used to hang a print wrap
The cleat is the lower bar in this photo.


I would give one word of caution here. If you were displaying a very large print wrap or several all on one wall, the weight of the frame could cause a problem if the wall isn’t sufficiently reinforced. For such a situation, I would recommend looking at other products I offer.


Let me know in the comments if you have any questions concerning print wraps or any other product. If you are interested in any of the products I offer, please click on the button below.


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