Project 52: Revisit & Re-Edit

Boy, it’s good to be back! After two weeks gone because of traveling, I’m back with the Project 52 blog posts.

Revisit & Re-edit

This week’s theme is reduce, resuse, and rec . . er, excuse me, it’s Revisit & Re-Edit. All those re’s. It’s confusing.

Anyway, we were to use a prior theme again, or re-edit a photo using a different style.

I guess I cheated a bit. I went back to some photos from before this year, and this Project, started.

My first Try

On Christmas Eve, my wife and I went out with Knox to get some photos of him.

Some of these photos I took for the purpose of compositing. The two photos I re-visited are pictured here (straight from camera with no adjustments):


As you can see, the perspective is a little off between the photos, but it’s close enough for a composite, considering, that when finished,  the only thing that should be visible from the left-hand photo is Knox.

After bending some pixels to my will in Photoshop, I wound up with this (from now on, I’ll call this my original):



The finished photo of Knox composited with the background from a separate photo. I added some tint, contrast, and light haze.

Time to revisit and re-edit

I love the photos you see with autumn colors and real bright highlights. I was pretty happy with the sun and light effect I had in the upper right-hand corner in the original edit What I wasn’t happy with was with the lack of bokeh in the background. I couldn’t really do much about that. This was shot at f/8.0, not the best for bokeh. I could at least add some blur. And I wanted more of a vignette.

What I came up with:



With this edit, the sun looks like its closer to directly behind Knox than the original. So, I tried to warm up the highlights in his fur so it would look like they are being lit by the setting sun I blurred the background using a gradient blur and a graduated filter mas so the blur would be more gradual instead of just “flat.” Finally, I added a vignette.

A confession . . .

I sat down to re-edit the photo, and I discovered for some reason, I had deleted the real original. I probably could have chosen another photo, but I had my heart set on this one. So I had to re-create my original. Then, I had to re-edit my re-edit. So, I’m not sure if I revisited, re-edited, edited, visited, or what!

I just don’t know . . .

I’m really not sure which one I like better—the original or the re-edit. There are aspects of both I like, but I kind of think I like the original better. The colors appeals more to my own personal taste.

Which so do you like the “original” or the re-edit? Let me know in the comments. (And I’ll take any other constructive criticism you have as well.)


I definitely agree with most of the comments. The original is better. This just goes to show that you don’t always get a better result when you go back to a photo and try to re-edit it.



Ok, folks, you know the drill by now. This is a blog circle, so pay your respects to all the other participating photographers, and take a look at their creations (or re-creations) for this week.

Next up, all the way from the UK is Sam Adele, The Hoof and Hound Photographer covering the Lancaster UK area.


8 thoughts on “Project 52: Revisit & Re-Edit”

  1. I prefer the original edit – the 3rd photo in this blog. The last photo looks too magenta on my screen… I struggle with this personally so I am very "magenta adverse." I also have a monitor that loves to "go" magenta no matter how frequently I calibrate it.

  2. Kelly Middlebrooks

    Tim, I was cracking up at your post today. Reduce, reuse, rec…. then you basically did it all again when you recreated your original and so on. ha! My two cents is that I like the original, too. 😉

  3. After going back and forth for quite some time, I think I like the photo you are now calling the original. It’s a personal preference based on the fact I shy away from using sunstreams, etc. because they change the coat color. When I use them, I will typically set a brush at lower opacity and brush them off the subject. Lovely dog.

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