Project 52 – Architecture

Project 52 - Architecture
The Hub, on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi, is the old student union.


Architectural Photography

This week’s topic was one of those that I have mixed feelings about.

I like architectural photography. In many ways, it’s like the landscape photography of the man-made world. Many of my photos from vacations are of the architecture of the cities I’m visiting.

But where around Hattiesburg would I find any interesting architecture. I realized part of my problem was I was thinking as a resident of Hattiesburg (Hattiesburgian? Hattiesburger? Hattiesburgite?). Instead, I needed to think as a visitor. In my childhood, Hattiesburg was a strange and big city. Hattiesburg was always associated with the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), so I decided to focus on its architecture.


USM is one of my favorite locations for photographs, in part because of the architecture.

As a child visiting USM for camps and football games, there was one bit of architecture that always impressed me, and that was the Administration Building with its dome.


The dome
This photo was originally taken for my 2017 Project 52.


I was concerned I would be able to get the photo I wanted, because there were construction walls up around the building the last time I was on campus. Fortunately, they had been taken down.

My wife and I hurried to campus while our daughter was taking a guitar lesson. We only had 30 minutes, so I’m attributing any problems with the photo to me being hurried.


Knox enjoyed his visit to the USM campus


This was my first photo. There was just something about it that I just didn’t care for. I think both Knox and the Administration Building (I wish it had a different name) were too small in the photo.


Knox poses in front of the USM administration building


I was much happier with this photo. Both Knox and the Administration Building look a decent size, and I think placing the Administration Building to one side of the frame actually accentuates it more than it being in the middle of the frame.

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