Pet Photography Project 52: Blank Slate

The words "blank slate" written on a slate


Many photographers, including myself, have personal photo projects. This is something that personally interests us and provides us with a purpose to go out and shoot even when there isn’t anyone paying us to do so.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew in 2018, because I’m participating in three Project 52s (sometimes called a 52-week challenge). The goal is to publish one photo per week for an entire year.

One of the Project 52s is focused on pet photography. The theme for the first week was “blank slate.”

I have to admit that I am awful at things like this where I’m given a theme and have to come up with something. Tell me what to do, and I can nail it, but I’m just not that good at thinking outside the box, so I decided to go literal … or at least, near-literal.

I decided to put one of my dog’s photo on a slate.

Here’s the photo I started out with:




After taking that into Photoshop, I placed the photo on a slate background, and wound up with this:



Knox composited onto a slate


That’s ok, but it still just looks like I stuck a photo on a chalkboard. No, I wanted him to look like a chalk drawing. A little more Photoshop magic, and …




If this is what I thought of, I know there are some more creative images out there. Just check out Cahleen Klenke of About A Dog Photography, serving the St. Cloud, St. Paul, and Minneapolis, Minnesota area, and the other photos from the Pet Photography 52 Week Project.


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