Project 52: Fantasy

This is going to be a quick post this week. I’ve been out of town a lot of it and haven’t had much time. Sorry, folks, this week’s post will be a little depressing.

The theme for this week is fantasy. What do you think of when you think of a fantasy? Do you think of Prince Charming rescuing a princess in a faraway kingdom? Do you think about a beach, a pleasant breeze, and an adult beverage?

When I hear the word fantasy, I think of a deep, heartfelt wish; that which seems it may be too good to be true. It also makes me think about dreams, which brings me to my creation for this week.

Charlie’s Fantasy

Sometimes when Charlie sleeps, he just lets out the most pitiful whimpers. Since he was rescued from a shelter, I wonder if he’s dreaming about a “past life” that wasn’t so happy.  You could say that Charlie’s life before us was a nightmare.

You see, when Charlie arrived at the shelter, he looked like this:





He was so matted, they honestly thought they would have to euthanize him. This is actually after they did some work on him. He wasn’t able to move his right hind leg at all because of the horrible mats. Fortunately, our friends at Affinity Retreat were willing to try to cut all of that dirty, matted fur off him.

When we got him a few weeks later, he had very little muscle tone, as you may imagine, and it was actually sort of cute; his stronger left hind leg would “pull ahead” causing his rear end to start going sideways when he ran.

I have to imagine in that life, he longed to be able to move freely, to be as free and as unrestricted as a cloud. So, I made Charlie into a cloud this week.


dog image made from clouds



I hear those whimpers when Charlie has bad dreams, and it almost makes me cry. While I know he is happy here, I wish I could do so much more to help make up to him those months or years (we don’t know how old he is) he lived in such bad conditions.

Now for some happiness

Enough of the sad stuff!

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15 thoughts on “Project 52: Fantasy”

  1. Great creativity on the cloud image. Giving Charlie a safe home where is loved and has everything he could ever need is the greatest gift ever.

  2. I’m not in the blog circle this week and had popped in to see all the fantasy pictures people created. The last thing I expected was to be moved to tears. This was so touching and beautifully written. I absolutely adore what you did with Charlie’s cloud photo as a concept and how you describe the hurdles he’s overcome. That poor dog. Bless you for giving him a happier life, Tim. This is one photo I’m going to remember for a long time.

  3. Nice job on Charlie’s cloud. When you think about it though, Charlie got something better than his fantasy, he got a reality in your home and I bet he appreciates you so very much! Thank you for rescuing Charlie. Great picture and technique.

  4. I am glad that you were there for Charlie! I’m so sad when I hear all the bad things that happen to the animals because humans don’t do the right thing – Great idea to make Charlie a cloud – never would have thought about that one!!!

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