Let’s face it, our pets make us happy. That’s a scientific fact.

So, let’s take a few moments to take a look at some happy pets.

Copper and Oakley

You probably remember Copper and Oakley from my Cityscape post. They are both Australian Shepherds. Aussies, like all shepherd breeds, are working dogs and get much happiness from being busy and obeying commands. That’s just what’s happening in the photo above. They are obeying the command of their master to sit and stay.


Two Australian Shepherds sitting in a vacant urban lot
Following commands makes Copper and Oakley happy.


Knox is a labradoodle–a mix of a labrador retriever and a poodle (and some other breeds). While Knox is definitely a  praise-motivated dog, and happiest when he knows he has pleased you, he loves running around, getting dirty, and all sorts of dog things. You can see some dirt on his chin here. I wonder what he was getting into before this photo was taken?

happy labrdoodle dog


I’ve had a few photos of Mazy on the blog. She has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, but we have fond memories of her. She truly thought she was human. Even though we said (and say) that she was a grumpy old lady since birth, she definitely could show some happiness.

These are some of the last photos I took of her. She was eleven years old, and she was showing her age, but this day, I just happened to have my camera when she got a case of the puppy zooms.

Dog running left to right on grass


schnoodle running 768x512 - Happy


What about your pets?

Why don’t you tell me what makes your pets happy in the comments?

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