Project 52: Headshots

As someone who likes to play video games, the first thing I think of when I see “headshots,” is taking out an enemy with a sniper rifle. Of course, that’s not what this post is about. No, I’m here to write about photographs of the head and shoulders—commonly known as headshots.

You Don’t Have to Be Lonely . . .

… at Canines Only dot com.(It’s not just for country dogs, you know).

That’s right. Charlie has decided to try online dating. Considering my wife and I met that way, I recommend it. So, Charlie asked me to help him choose some headshots to go on his dating profile.


Charlie first asked me to look at this headshot.

It’s ok, but it’s just lacking something. You know what I mean? It needs some pizzazz. You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle!

Regal AF

(If you don’t know what “AF” means, just ask a 12 year old. But stand-by with a bar of soap to wash their mouth out.)

Charlie next handed me this headshot. It was taken near St. Patrick’s Day.

Now, we’re talking. Look at this guy! He’s got his nose up in the air, exuding confidence. He has that “hard to get” look going on. Yeah. I think this is the one he should use.

And if everything turns out ok, maybe after one of these internet dates, Charlie would resemble this headshot:

I’m not sure in this photo if it’s a mug shot, or if Charlie stayed up all night with one of his new dates. Don’t worry. He’s neutered.

And Now for Something Completely Different

I had an opportunity this past weekend to photograph an extremely rare pet. I do some freelancing for the local newspaper, and I got to photograph Jeff the Wallaby. Jeff is somewhat of a local celebrity since he ran away while his human was on vacation. As a result, a city-wide wallaby hunt took place. Fortunately, Jeff was re-united with his humans.

It’s not a great photo because this photo was taken in a skating rink, and it was lit like a skating rink. On top of that, Jeff’s human didn’t want me to use flash. And it’s not really a headshot. But how often do you get to photograph a pet wallaby?

Jeff eats a snack from a volunteer.


And speaking of wallabies, let’s move on to the Southern Hemisphere. Up next is  Lynda Mowat from Heartstrings Photography, based in Hamilton new Zealand.


Want to get some headshots of your pet? Call me, email me, or [quform_popup id=”2″ name=”Pet Contact Form” show_title=”0″ show_description=”0″ width=”60%”]send me a message[/quform_popup]



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  1. How cool to photograph a wallaby! But selling the sizzle just takes the cake! Charlie looks like trouble brewing if allowed out on a real date! Gorgeous photos. Love the way you got those different looks!

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