Senior Portraits with Kimari

Being a photographer in South Mississippi can be tough, especially in the summer. You never know when a portrait session may be either forced inside or cut short because of rain.

That was exactly the problem I faced when taking Kimari’s senior portraits. Kimari is an incoming senior at Forrest County Agricultural High School. I have known his parents for years, and I was honored when they picked me to create his senior portraits.

We started with some indoor photos


black and white photo of Kimari



Because of the threat of rain, we started our portrait session indoors. No backdrop? No problem!

I particularly love this black and white photo. Because of the threat of rain for Hattiesburg on this day, we started taking some photos inside. Here, I had Kimari against a window, using sunlight (it wasn’t raining yet) as a backlight. In this particular location, the light colored bricks and the part of the window in shade complement the dark and light side of Kimari’s face.

I was planning to move around a good bit, so I didn’t have any backdrops with me. Fortunately, if you know how, you can always make a solid backdrop, even indoors, like I did in this next photo.


Kimari, a FCAHS senior

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

The rain was holding off, so we decided to get some outdoor portraits.

As we walked to the first location I had planned, I kept my eyes open for anything I thought would also be a good spot for taking photos. Nothing like some spontaneity and serendipity!

We passed a brick wall that I thought would be a good location. The only problem was it was in the shade of a tree. This is usually a good thing, but this was some dappled shade–sunlight was peeking through between the tree’s leaves and creating some bright spots. These moved with the breeze, so I tried to time the shutter so none of the sunny spots were on Kimari. No such luck.

Fortunately, I had my “assistant” <cough>Kimari’s dad<cough> hold a shoot through umbrella to act as a scrim. (A scrim in photography is a piece of fabric meant to diffuse bright light). This isn’t the umbrella’s purpose, but sometimes you just have to Macgyver it!



dappled sunlight affecting portrait scrimmed senior portrait


We made a few more photos, but eventually, the rain came, and we had to cut our portrait session short before it became a “pourtrait session.” (Get it? Rain–pour–pourtrait?)



Forrest County Agricultural High School Senior Portraits