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Project 52: Under Pets Under what circumstances would the undertaking to take a photo get under your skin? I struggled to understand this week READ MORE Project 52: Isolation Pets It feels like I've been isolated from the blog for too long, so I get back in the saddle, and post about isolation in ph READ MORE Happy Pets Our pets make us happy. You can't argue with that, it's science. And the thing is, making our pets happy makes us happy, READ MORE Project 52: Brown Backdrop Pets They say necessity is the mother of invention. What do you do when you need a backdrop and you don't have one? You find READ MORE Project 52 – Architecture Pets Architecture and pet photography sounds like an odd combination, but pets live in "man's world," so why not combine them READ MORE Project 52 – Negative Space Pets You may remember the photo above from my very first blog post on the Pet Photography Project 52. It's Knox sittin READ MORE Project 52: By a Nose Pets I’ve always loved dog’s noses, and perhaps that is fitting since a dog’s nose is what sets it apart from almost any othe... READ MORE Blue Pets They say when you feel blue, snuggling with a pet can help. What's that? You can't snuggle with a pet? Then you can look READ MORE Project 52: Black & White Pets While some people may think black & white photography is simpler than color photography, it's actually more difficul READ MORE Project 52: Cityscape Pets While Hattiesburg is a city, it is still a small city with not much of a "cityscape." With the help of some "city dogs," READ MORE Project 52: Humor Pets I have a good sense of humor. So why was it so hard to think of a humorous photo? I guess it's like trying not to think READ MORE Project 52: Headshots Pets When you hear “headshot,” you tend to think of models, or at the very least, some type of publicity photo. This is the s... READ MORE Project 52: Get Close Pets This week's topic was close-up, so, naturally, I got up close and personal with some dogs for these photos. READ MORE Project 52: Leading Lines Pets Leading lines are a composition technique where a straight or curved line leads to the subject of the photo. Learn more READ MORE Project 52: Revisit & Re-Edit Pets This week was sort of a break from the Project 52 (even though I had a break from the past two weeks of travel). The the READ MORE Project 52: Wide Angle Pets "Wide Angle." To a photographer, those words make them think of a wide angle lens. In this post, I share some photos tak READ MORE Project 52: Silhouette Pets Silhouettes, for whatever reason, have fascinated me ever since I learned the term. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tak READ MORE Project 52: Year of the Dog Pets Were you born in the Year of the Dog?  Find out if you were, read some more facts about the Year of the Dog, and mo READ MORE Project 52: Fantasy Pets What do you think of when you think of the word "fantasy?" I think of dreams. Here's a story of how a nightmare became READ MORE Project 52: Catchlights Pets Do you know what a "catchlight" is? Even if you do, do you know how to make one even when the photo doesn't have them? T READ MORE