The Best Baby Photos of 2018

This post is part of my Best of 2018 series.


I wasn’t sure it was worth it for these baby photos. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t take a lot of portraits of just babies, and I wasn’t sure it was worth this trip. (I would prove myself wrong …) Don’t misunderstand me; I love babies. Who doesn’t? With their cute little chubby cheeks and big eyes and pudgy little toes …

You have to keep in mind, I’m a city boy. Or at least as much of a city boy as you can be and be from Quitman, Mississippi.

But here I was trying to find an address in the middle of rural Mississippi, looking at the hand-painted numbers on each mailbox. 680 … 682 … 684 … 1200! What happened to the five hundred or so other numbers? Anyway, I found the house, and only a minute or two later than expected.

Fortunately for me, Baby J was still down for his morning nap. Unfortunately, his dog, Cassie, had gotten excited over my arrival. Being the awesome girl she is (because all dogs are either good boys or good girls), she announced my presence.

J had gotten a good nap, though, and he woke up bright-eyed and cheery.

Country Boy

J came out in some cute little overalls. He reminded me of those little boys in the “You Been Farming Long?” image.

His mother wanted some photos outside, so I suggested, and she agreed, to start inside. After I set up my lighting, we got started.

Once we went outside, however, that was when the fun really started. Or at least it did for me, as a photographer.

Prop Paradise

I was lead around behind the house, and then I heard angels singing.

It was a barn. Ok, I don’t know if you call it a barn—I’m a city boy, remember. Barn, shed, whatever you want to call it, I was in love.

I had so many ideas of how to use it and the items it contained! It was a prop paradise. J could get his photo on this, and then we’d sit him in this old dusty rocker … And then it hit me, “Oh, yeah, J is only a few months old.” He’s too young for most of my ideas

But that tire. I had to use that tire.

Sometimes, a photographer will see something in an everyday object. They see it’s potential in a photo. I saw an old tire that just had to be in the background.

The problem was J wasn’t sitting up just yet. I would need his mom to hold him up and would have to composite the photo with a clean plate.


All in all, I think I managed to capture the “country boy” J is sure to grow into.


baby feet
I believe it’s a law that all baby photos must include a photo of their feet.



Here’s the “before and after” of that composite:




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