Top Ten Photos of 2017: Number 10

Top ten 2017 10 1024x683 - Top Ten Photos of 2017: Number 10


In this series of blog posts, I’ll present my top ten photographs that I took in the past year. These are my personal favorites, and I’ll try to explain what made these my photos my favorites.

This is one of the earliest photos I took in 2017, taken on January 7.


amaryllis 400x600 - Top Ten Photos of 2017: Number 10
Amaryllis bud (click for larger size)


There’s just something about this photo that I really love. Maybe it’s the simplicity. A flower bud on a solid black background, lit from the side.

The simplicity of the image also extends into the composition, and yet, it’s composition is so perfect, even if I say so myself. Even though this is at number 10, it’s probably the best composed of my top ten. Overall, it’s a simple curve, extending from the bottom left toward the top right. Yet it fits so well with several other compositional guidelines—the golden triangle, the diagonal method, and the golden spiral—this image fits them all very well.

Then, there’s the colors. Black, the lack of color. Green and red, complementary colors and two thirds of the additive primary colors.

I used my extension tubes, which had been a Christmas present, to take this image. That’s one reason for the very shallow depth of field. (And that memory of using a Christmas present is probably one reason for my fondness for this picture). I love how quickly the petals and leaves drop out of focus. It gives a sense of frailty, of delicateness to the budding flower.

Leave me your thoughts. What do you like? What could I have improved?

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