Top Ten of 2017: Number 9

Top Ten of 2017 - Number 9

I’m counting down my favorite photos from 2017. Here’s Number 10 in case you missed it

As I have mentioned before, I have never completed a 365 Project. I think part of the problem is that’s just too ambitious. It seems inevitably something happens to get in the way. In 2017, I ttied a 52-Week Project. Instead of taking a photo a day, you take one photo a week. Usually you pick a certain theme for each week. I tried that, and I was hit and miss with it. My ninth favorite photo is from the 52-week Project.

Satellite dish sunburst 1024x683 - Top Ten of 2017: Number 9

I’ve always liked making starbursts or sunbursts, whatever you want to call them. I guess that’s why I like this one.

The theme for the week I made this photograph was “silhouette.” I was looking around my house trying to figure out something to take in silhouette, and happened to look up and see this (well, minus the sunburst).

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